Ryo Nishikido

Some little translations about Ryo.

In the past I started my little community with the idea of keeping track of the articles about Ryo Nishikido I liked the best, translating them in Italian: ryonskd_italia. But, as always is, an ambitious project is too much to follow so now the community is more or less abandoned. Or, waiting for better times. After all, the good thing about at hobby is the liberty to pick it or drop it as you like. Just doing whatever you feel like to.
Anyway, here the little things I translated (credits on the respective pages):

Di cosa sono fatti i membri dei Kanjani8? (Myojo, aprile 2011)

Intervista: Non-no n°7 2010 

Can!Jani n°9

Gli Eito seguono il loro adorabile Ryo-chan. 

A Ohkura piace parlare di Ryo nei suoi jweb. 

Ryo Nishikido

It's already 3rd November in Japan: happy 27th birthday Nishikido Ryo-chan!!!

Happy birthday Nishikido Ryo-chan!!!

Thank you for choosing and enduring your work as entertainer, singer and actor. It's nothing but a pleasure being your fan! Your talent as songwriter, singer, actor and idol is a present for us, all the year around! Together with your look, of course (but that's a gift from your parents, we have to really thank them). I really hope that in exchange of what you are giving us, you may receive many in return and live a happy life. From the snippets of your life that reach us, you seems pretty much happy and satisfied, maybe just a little too much shy and lonely. So my wish for your new starting 28° year is to overcome your limits and catch joy fully in your hands.
Maybe I'm too mushy... I have said this before, it's strange such relationship of affection that us fan have with our (total stranger) idols. But until we not became insane obsessionate stalkers... it's just a further proof of their ability as idols! (^_^)

I wanted to do something for Ryo-chan's day, but I'm not a person of fancy graphics or a talented writer. So, I decided to let the same Ryo be the one who spoke about himself (and doing it at for the best, I believe!). I made the little banner up in the post (it's sum up nicely our Ryo-chan, don't you think?). Also, I made 27+1 icons of him, simple and minimalistic but that hopefully let Ryo's shine more that some with bad graphic I may instead made.

If you wish to use them, do so freely; crediting is appreciate but not necessary (and they aren't this great piece of work anyway, so...).

MF link for the icons+banner

I used this photo, some of the ones I'm liking the most lately.

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Now I'm waiting for the fandom birthday's entries frenzy!
I have great hope for some good works/picpspam/whatever-eighters-will-do!

[originally posted on 2 November 2011]